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well its thanksgiving break :] & we have the wwhoooolllee week off :]

but anyways, friday i didn't go to school, just because i didn't. lol. n amb came overr and we went to subwayyy, then i went to mags n around 6 i came home n when amb got off work she came back over until like 12 or summin, then i went to sleeeeep :] then saturday i woke up n went w/ mag to the mall, then i came home n me n amb went to texas roadhouse around 630 then i came home n my daddy's best friend Kirk and his wife Debbie n thier two boys, Keaton n Kolen came in n they were here so i visited with them for like everrrr, n thats pretty much all, lol. thennn sundaayyy was KATEY N KASEY's 16th BIRTHDAY :] yayyy *!!

katey is staying with me tonight :] and im uberly excited about it *!!
im makin her a lil cakiee :]

im also making Ty summin n its wayy kutee n i can't wait til it's done :] AND i gotta make him chocolate muffins over break. haha. AND my cousin Jeff n his wife Katrina n their 2 girls Monica n Cass came in saturday night for thanksgiving, and my other cousin Aimee is comin in Weds. night with little Dominic n her husband Joe :] it seems like ever since my papaw died everythings been kinda blah at christmas n thanksgiving becuase all my cousins live outta town n stuff n this year we're having everybody there :' and i'm happy *!!

but i guess thats all, hahah soo bye ♥

Rip Eric, Papaw, n Duke, i love you all tremendously and you best believe i'll see you on the other side .. ;')
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