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well i ain't wrote in here in a whileee .. & i don't really feel like back tractin from the very last time i wrote in here soo ill just tell you i had a pretty tubular weekend. :]

friday night i went to the game w/ bd :] because it was senior night and i got addy and kyle somethinggg .. I FROZE. then i came home and maggot n ambb came over n then we left n went to hornbizzle my nizzles house, hahah i only say that when im hyperrr :] and then we went to summ marshall baseball partyy soo ambb could see her mannn .. lol thenn around 130 we went to maggs cause amb went home n then me n magg jus wentt ughh .. i don't remember. but out. lol thenn saturrdayyy i came home around 2 .. then i don't remember wut i did all dayyy but i ended up goin backk to maggs housee n we got readdyy then we went hadda go get travis n ronnie n they just brought beer in her car so i went to town :] hahah. then we went to framersss and yepp i just don't remember anything else. cheaaaahhhh ..

ughh sunddayy me n mag came to my house then ambb came over n we went n washed both their cars at the car washhh then we went to the parrkk :] i saw beenn .. hah, then we came back here n they ate dinner thenn i did homeworkkk *!! yuckkk. thenn mon-today i've been at school, doing school, and thats all is school. lol.

tomorrow my mother is pickin zac up from mags, but fran is watchin him because maggie went outta town til sunday :[ but my mom asked me to go to the store w/ her n zac soo i guess ima do that, haha friday night shopping with the fam, what more could you ask forr! lol and theni'm having katey, morgg n amanda nn teahh stay alnight :]
myyyyy tubularrr sopphhhWHORES. ohh blahh.
then saturdayyy im hanging outtt w/ Heaathaa :] and im super exciteddd !

but ima gooo clean my room. yay.

i love you friends.

rip Eric & Dukie
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