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West Virginia's rate fo ATV deaths far greater than most of U.S.


"Huntington- Fatal all-terrain vehicle accidents occur in WV at a rate far greater than most of the country, new figures show."

........................ i'm skippin some stuff ..............................

" The popularity of ATCs and ATV tourism in the state continues to grow, some riders say. Kenova resident James Spry and many of his friends and family still regularly ride ATVs despite of them having had major accidents. James Spry's son, Jimmie Spry, received a concussion and several stitches in July when he lost control of his ATV shortly after attending the funeral of a friend who died in an ATV accident.

 They are becoming more popular, James Spry said. The trails they got up there, the Hatfield and McCoy Trail, is a good family thing to do. ATVs aren't dangerous if you handled properly, Spry said. Spry rides his ATV daily on his Wayne County farm to do chores.( haha yeah i'm glad when all the h-towners read the news paper their gonna be like yeah them spry's sure are true farmers, haha) When he rides an ATV he does so slowly and carefully. As a result, Spry said he has never had an accident.

Spry said he is against state government enacting ATV safety laws. Safety is up to the individual rider, Spry said. I think (safety) is a big concern, Spry said. I think people have to make smart choices." <-- haha smart choices, i hear that from my dad everyday of my life. SMART CHOICES !

so i guess i posted this because i've come to realize, you can't give up your favorite thing to do, or your what we call " hobbies " just because you fell down, you gotta get back up and continue. & i preech n scream n beg for my brother to never get back on his "Scrambler" but my dad says, if you put your makeup on and its all blochy, are you just gonna give it up and never wear it again. so he makes a point. but yeahhhhh ..



&hearts; i love you Dukie and Ewic. Ride on boys ..





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