Stephanie Ann* (xlil_sasx) wrote,
Stephanie Ann*

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i i i i i i i i i i i i ...

blah, it's beautiful outside and i love it.

i wanna hear Dukie sing.
i have math homework. yuck.
i love tyler fuller.
i had the best chicken sandwich today.
i havent really talked to kara lately, shes got a new man. :o)
and i'm happy for her.
i can't wait til the marshall game on sat.
i 'm goin thru this phase where i always wanna listen to tina turner, lol.
i cried for the first time in a *LONG* time monday night.
i got my hair played with tho before i went to sleep :o)
i 'm goin to go because i'm done, lol bye <3

rip Dukie n ERic
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