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ohhh gooodnessss ... </3

okay .. well i havent written in here in forever but i'm sure people here stuff and theres 45 different stories but theres never gonna be a freakin week like this in my life again cause 4 wheelers are sooo outta the question. but just to let everyone know my brother was allowed to ride without a helmet just because he was in a freaking line w/ police, firetrucks, and 50 thousand other people .. not if he was just riding his little four wheeler for the hell of it then i'd be a little ticked over the whole no- helmet thing but im not mad one bit. he did everything for lil ol Dukie. that was his best friend for 10 years, that was his blood brother, n hes been feelin shitty about the whole thing thats happened n all he tells me is the only thing that split them up was Jimmie playin sports n Duke joinin' the fire department. n w/ Jimmie havin this new what he so calls a " fast four wheeler " it was gonna bring em back together, but like everyone else they just thought there'd always be time. Mag's always old enough to ride without a helmet so they werent doin anything wrong, Jimmie has his license so he was allowed to have a passenger. but he left the cemetery and didn't even get 15 seconds away n went over the hill w/ Maggie Mag on the back .. i was in Amber's car n i seen everybody gettin outta their cars n what not but i didn't know what was goin on because i couldn't get up the hill because there so was much traffic so finally Charley Bailey's truck got to movingggg and we got on the rode n Matt Tomlin said Mag was on the back n i took off bookin it n i went to jump over the hill n Fran ( mag's mom ) grabbed me and said he's fine. butt he only thing i could think of was someone tellin me about a picture they found of David Lowe, Duke, n Micheal Webb n Jimmie n he was the only one left :(
and so lala .. i duno he is okay tho. at first it was real scary to look @ him but i seen him from the beginning and i wasnt gonna leave his side for anything. Maggie's okay but everybody still needs to pray for her n her family because shes goin through hell right now n wreckin didn't exactly make things better but i think it did bring her n Jimmie even closer which is good because she needs him .. and Jimmie .. hes jus beat up a lil bit .. but im his lil nurse n sar n the 50 thousand other people and he said he wouldnt trade his lil homemade nurses for anything :) hes my perfect little angel <3
he's come to the conclusion of why he wrecked. he was hott, tired, upset, hungry, n everything else n he WAS NOT speeding he didn't even make it outta second gear for cryin out loud but all he remembers is leavin then the next thing he knew he was on a stretcher .. so he pretty much just blacked out. and well he thinks Duke was just tryin to tell everybody he was okay n here was something else for them to worry about.. n he was tellin Maggie n Jimmie jus to put it in park for a while .. n it does make perfectly good sense. and Dukie is truly, literally an angel from up above. and i feel bad for not leavin for the beach tomorrow w/ Kara for a wholle week cause i probably should but theres nooo way i would have fun knowin Jimmie's @ home even tho i know hes okay just the look on his face. soo sorry kara .. but hoepfully you understand .. cause i gotta be here for Mag cause she may need me alot in just a week .. you never know.

but thats it ..

thankkss to everybody to saved my brother .. because without all them boys n women who were there .. i duno where we'd be right now ..

RIP ECP DSP i love and miss you boys more than anything and i sure as hell can't wait to see you. watch over us ..
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