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a thug's what i want, a thug's what i neeedddd ... yeah my singin rocks =)

well im just about a senior, and it's kinda sad cause i don't really wanna be one because then that means the real worlds after high school and i have to get old,lol n plus .. i'll miss the seniors now so i really rather them not graduate. lol butno matter what they are so what im saying means nothing.

i didn't really do a whole bunch this weekend, lol uhmm well thursday i went to the ball game n we lost, in the 11th inning, 5-4 to huntington then i came home n got in a H U G E fight w/ my brother and didn't go to bed until realllllyy* late. so friday i was real upset @ school and could'nt wait to get home to talk to jimmie and give him a note i wrote him telling him how sorry i was, and i was super tired. so friday after school i came home and went to my sisters n played w/ zac because he wanted to play. then it was about to rain so i wasnt even thinkin about the game, i came home and fell asleep then pat came home and woke me up and kenny him n bryan were bein really loud downstairs so i woke up. lol*
then yesterday i woke up n watched zac w/ my momma until around 12 then i got ready n stuff n went n took my stuff to b's then we went to jerica's until around 830 n since the game got canceled we went to ad's for a lil bit then we went to her house around 11 n jeremey n joshc were there then ken came over w/ mike then trav zach n brandan came over n then shawn and yeah ..

this morning i woke up came home n went to stef's graduation party thing. it was fun i guess, saw alotta people who are my family who i had no idea who they were, lol so it was fun i guess.

well i got a fish. and my mom is gonna crap herself when she comes home and sees a little blue fishie swimmin in a little kute bowl in my room. :) haha he doesnt have a name yet tho. :/ but im sure soon enough i'll post a picture of the little kute thing. but thats all :) laterr naga*

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