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*You are the best thang and the worst thang that's ever happened to me.. <3 [entries|friends|calendar]
Stephanie Ann*

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[21 Nov 2005|01:27pm]
[ mood | blank ]

well its thanksgiving break :] & we have the wwhoooolllee week off :]

but anyways, friday i didn't go to school, just because i didn't. lol. n amb came overr and we went to subwayyy, then i went to mags n around 6 i came home n when amb got off work she came back over until like 12 or summin, then i went to sleeeeep :] then saturday i woke up n went w/ mag to the mall, then i came home n me n amb went to texas roadhouse around 630 then i came home n my daddy's best friend Kirk and his wife Debbie n thier two boys, Keaton n Kolen came in n they were here so i visited with them for like everrrr, n thats pretty much all, lol. thennn sundaayyy was KATEY N KASEY's 16th BIRTHDAY :] yayyy *!!

katey is staying with me tonight :] and im uberly excited about it *!!
im makin her a lil cakiee :]

im also making Ty summin n its wayy kutee n i can't wait til it's done :] AND i gotta make him chocolate muffins over break. haha. AND my cousin Jeff n his wife Katrina n their 2 girls Monica n Cass came in saturday night for thanksgiving, and my other cousin Aimee is comin in Weds. night with little Dominic n her husband Joe :] it seems like ever since my papaw died everythings been kinda blah at christmas n thanksgiving becuase all my cousins live outta town n stuff n this year we're having everybody there :' and i'm happy *!!

but i guess thats all, hahah soo bye ♥

Rip Eric, Papaw, n Duke, i love you all tremendously and you best believe i'll see you on the other side .. ;')

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[03 Nov 2005|08:57pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

well i ain't wrote in here in a whileee .. & i don't really feel like back tractin from the very last time i wrote in here soo ill just tell you i had a pretty tubular weekend. :]

friday night i went to the game w/ bd :] because it was senior night and i got addy and kyle somethinggg .. I FROZE. then i came home and maggot n ambb came over n then we left n went to hornbizzle my nizzles house, hahah i only say that when im hyperrr :] and then we went to summ marshall baseball partyy soo ambb could see her mannn .. lol thenn around 130 we went to maggs cause amb went home n then me n magg jus wentt ughh .. i don't remember. but out. lol thenn saturrdayyy i came home around 2 .. then i don't remember wut i did all dayyy but i ended up goin backk to maggs housee n we got readdyy then we went hadda go get travis n ronnie n they just brought beer in her car so i went to town :] hahah. then we went to framersss and yepp i just don't remember anything else. cheaaaahhhh ..

ughh sunddayy me n mag came to my house then ambb came over n we went n washed both their cars at the car washhh then we went to the parrkk :] i saw beenn .. hah, then we came back here n they ate dinner thenn i did homeworkkk *!! yuckkk. thenn mon-today i've been at school, doing school, and thats all is school. lol.

tomorrow my mother is pickin zac up from mags, but fran is watchin him because maggie went outta town til sunday :[ but my mom asked me to go to the store w/ her n zac soo i guess ima do that, haha friday night shopping with the fam, what more could you ask forr! lol and theni'm having katey, morgg n amanda nn teahh stay alnight :]
myyyyy tubularrr sopphhhWHORES. ohh blahh.
then saturdayyy im hanging outtt w/ Heaathaa :] and im super exciteddd !

but ima gooo clean my room. yay.

i love you friends.

rip Eric & Dukie

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blahhhhhjh ♥ [15 Oct 2005|06:11pm]
[ mood | content ]

humph. we got our report carddsss yesterday ! n i did good too :)

blah, well yesterday i came home from school & bonded w. my mashaa then maggot came overr n we bonded some more then we went to her housee n went w. herr mashaa to her sister bres house n me n mag got ready there because bre n rob are outta town n baby fran was doin some things, lol. thenn we went back to mags n at like 11 we went n drank :) and i hateee BEER n she flippin got me hooked. i tell ya .. then i duno went home at like 5 haa woke up this morning n we watched the end of ladder 49 & of coarse its sad, so there were some tears, then mag jumped up and was like my mom is showin katie webb duke's video thang rob made for em, and so we ran downstairs n watched it n maggie just got real sad. so then we hadda take summin to april n it was a must she had to go see duke. so we went. and maggie showed me this note bre wrote duke, and its like "hey my bubby, i know your watchin us all and takin care of us but i just wanted to tell you that it's a girl. we're naming her Emaleigh Shane after you. & i wish you were here to help daddy turn her into a tomboy", & there was more but i just kinda sumed it up. but it took my breathe away n gave me chill bumps. it still don't seem real sometimes. but well i'll be goin to the cemetery tomorrow again. tomorrow is the 16 and it's the day my papaw passed away. 4 years ago. i remember it just like it was yesterday. i was at andreas house because it was her birthday the day before(which is today) and me amber n mag stayed w/ her n some other girl i duno her tho, and i called my sisterr at my papaws because my family was there, n i asked for mom n she said she went home to take a shower n i said well whats papaw doin, just layin there and she said sissy papaw passed away this morning. i kick myself in the ass everytime i think about it because everyone was there to tell him goodbye. grandkids and all. he had been sick for a lonngg time, like well not really a longgg time but like a month or so, and they knew it was coming but didnt know when and my mommy told him to rest, just take a deep breathe & he did. & yeah, it jus kinda sticks w. me. but i'm rambling about something noone wants to hearrrrrrr.

oashdisjafhdkjsfhsdbghlsadg lalallalalalallalalal
ambie started work today. yay. mag wants to hang out tonight. so thats probably what ima do :) but ima go showerr soo peace out homiiee ♥

& i absolutely LOVE this songgg
"If It's Lovin' That You Want"

I want to let you know
That you don't have to go
Don't wonder no more
What I think about you

If it's loving that you want
Then you should make me your girl, your girl
If it's loving that you need
Then baby come and share my world, share my world
If it's loving that you want
Then come and take a walk with me, with me
Cause, everything that you need, I got it right here baby, baby

Now it's obvious you need a friend to come hold you down
Be that one you share your everything when no one's around
Baby come tell me your secrets, and tell me all your dreams
'Cause I can see you need someone to trust
You can trust in me

Di di di di da da dey
So just call me whenever your lonely
Di di di di da da dey
I'll be your friend, I can be your homey

If it's loving that you want
Then you should make me your girl, your girl
If it's loving that you need
Then baby come and share my world, share my world
If it's loving that you want
Then come and take a walk with me, with me
Cause, everything that you need, I got it right here baby, baby

It been so long I've had this feeling
That we could be
Everything we've ever wanted baby
Your fantasy
I won't push to hard or break your heart
'Cause my love's sincere
I'm not like any other girl you know
So let me erase your fears

Di di di di da da dey
So just call me whenever your lonely
Di di di di da da dey
I'll be your friend, I can be your homey

If it's loving that you want
Then you should make me your girl, your girl
If it's loving that you need
Then baby come and share my world, share my world
If it's loving that you want
Then come and take a walk with me, with me
Cause, everything that you need, I got it right here baby, baby

If it's loving that you want
Then you should make me your girl, your girl
If it's loving that you need
Then baby come and share my world, share my world (I got what you need so come share my world)
If it's loving that you want
Then come and take a walk with me, with me
Cause, everything that you need, I got it right here baby, baby

Di di di di da da dey
So just call me whenever your lonely
Di di di di da da dey
I'll be your friend, I can be your homey

If it's loving that you want
Then you should make me your girl, your girl
If it's loving that you need
Then baby come and share my world, share my world
If it's loving that you want
Then come and take a walk with me, with me
Cause, everything that you need, I got it right here baby, baby

I want to let you know
That you don't have to go
Don't wonder no more
What I think about you

What I think about you boy
I got what you need so come share my world oh


RiP Dukie & Eric. I love & miss you both soo much. ride on boys ..

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chyeahhhh ♥ [13 Oct 2005|04:23pm]
[ mood | Excited. ]


well my weekend was pretty content i guess. friday i hung out w/ maggot, amb, n casey. we went to seans & hung out w/ him n jl n juice until like 330. then we went to mags n went to sleep. yayy sleeeep ! i wish i could sleep right noww. but nooooo ! haha, im going to the travis tritt concert @ 730 & little miss riley. haha. its kinda like goin to see billy ray cyrus, haha its someone i loveedd when i was like 8, lol. oh well.

blahh, today we took our BiiiGGggg senior picture. & its kinda getting sad. ohh yeahh & we had college day. sooo needless to say i guess graduation is right around the corner.

but im gonna go because cheahhh, im done :o) later homieee..


RiP Eric & Dukie.

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[09 Oct 2005|07:38pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

West Virginia's rate fo ATV deaths far greater than most of U.S.


"Huntington- Fatal all-terrain vehicle accidents occur in WV at a rate far greater than most of the country, new figures show."

........................ i'm skippin some stuff ..............................

" The popularity of ATCs and ATV tourism in the state continues to grow, some riders say. Kenova resident James Spry and many of his friends and family still regularly ride ATVs despite of them having had major accidents. James Spry's son, Jimmie Spry, received a concussion and several stitches in July when he lost control of his ATV shortly after attending the funeral of a friend who died in an ATV accident.

 They are becoming more popular, James Spry said. The trails they got up there, the Hatfield and McCoy Trail, is a good family thing to do. ATVs aren't dangerous if you handled properly, Spry said. Spry rides his ATV daily on his Wayne County farm to do chores.( haha yeah i'm glad when all the h-towners read the news paper their gonna be like yeah them spry's sure are true farmers, haha) When he rides an ATV he does so slowly and carefully. As a result, Spry said he has never had an accident.

Spry said he is against state government enacting ATV safety laws. Safety is up to the individual rider, Spry said. I think (safety) is a big concern, Spry said. I think people have to make smart choices." <-- haha smart choices, i hear that from my dad everyday of my life. SMART CHOICES !

so i guess i posted this because i've come to realize, you can't give up your favorite thing to do, or your what we call " hobbies " just because you fell down, you gotta get back up and continue. & i preech n scream n beg for my brother to never get back on his "Scrambler" but my dad says, if you put your makeup on and its all blochy, are you just gonna give it up and never wear it again. so he makes a point. but yeahhhhh ..



&hearts; i love you Dukie and Ewic. Ride on boys ..





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picccctureeess :o) [06 Oct 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | pictureee timee :o) ]

Piccctureess ♥Collapse )

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[06 Oct 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | worried ]

well i never write in here anymore. but today is thursday. & i went to school & now im here. i'm sick. but not like i need to lay in my bed im soo sick, but i have a sore throat & a runny noise, and i sound like a man. yes, it sucks.
so here goes everything that im crying over right .. sorry if im stuupid, you don't have to read it.

i think i have somethin wrong with me, and its scary. i've never in my life seen like a daydream happen soo many times in my head before. it don't really make sense probably with me typin on here but all i know is i can be at home, on my way home from school, in a classroom, in a dream overnight, and i see me gettin in a wreck bein in the passenger seat & whoever is drivin me dies. and im hurt real bad i guess cause all i know is i come home from the hospital like 2 weeks later and i have 1000000 comments on myspace. but i don't know who im with. its w/ a girl, and i don't know who tho. i can't ever make out the face. and its scary. cause i aint sad or anything, it just comes about. & it aint bre. cause on my myspace she leaves a comment on our picture that says " i love my steffy". but i don't know how everything is soooo clear ? its like real. & i told my mom but she don't know why thats been replayin in my head either. i don't know. i just hope it really aint comin true with me seein it like 50 times since monday. i don't knowwww. but i honestly do think this world is made of bad luck. well for me & my friends i guess. or maybe just for me. i don't know, but i am a senior and im not attending homecoming, but i really don't care, it doesnt bother me, but other people like to tell me how dumb i am & stuff & it kinda gets sad after awhile. because you get reminded and reminded and reminded & your just tired. and another thang is everyone is leavin this world. soo please everyone who reads this little entry, be super careful is the cars, and stay away from the motorcycles and crotch rockets and 4 wheelers, even tho i can't even keep my brother off of a fourwheeler even when i do try. i know i've said it over and over again about the fourwheelers, how much i hate them and what not, but honestly if it werent for my brother, i would think Duke was jus on vacation. i was talkin to missy bailey today while i was bored in 7th period because i didnt have to do anything, but seriously, if i wasnt smart and didn't catch myself i would say " mag that aint fair all them pictures of Duke up & not as many of you " because i just think okay he's gonna come home at like 5 in the morning, drunk & everyones gonna laugh. ya kno? but then i guess jimmie just draws me back to it. seeing my brother who is my best friend, everyday with a huge scar on his face, you kinda remember everything clearly. theres nothing that has ever happened in my life that would come close to what i felt that day. and along with that noww, i feel like there for 2 months i talked to my brother everyday, told him umpteen million times how much i loved him and how all i ever wanted was a relationship like mag & dukes, and i thought i actually had it, but then everything jus faded away just like i knew it would. because things change i guess. i hate arguing w/ my brothers. especially patrick. hes soo hateful. and even when im nice hes like "yeah well i was gonna play poker but i can't because willie can't come here". okay well i'm sorry. my mother shouldn't let him here anyways. but life isnt fair i guess.

& another thing i can't stop thinking about is britt. brittany was my best friend. she made everything better when nothing was right. shes the one who can be the bitch when noone else can be. but we grew up. we faded away from each other and now matter how hard we try we arent gonna be as close i don't guess. i know that i've ditched her, and im sorry. but i can't be sorry for having new friends. i wouldnt be here today without any of em. my new weekends, i can't give em up. i know i went from spending alnight with her, and now its like stayin out til 3 or 4 with mag & kara, but i can't change anything. and maybe one day i'll realize what i've done, but im still her friend and i always will be. but shes even changed, and has her new ways of doing things. we just arent on the same track i guess & yes it does suck. because i've been thru alot with that girl, but i can't work sooooo hard to have a perrfect friendship ya know? we've tried, but we're just different, and like to many different things. i guess that makes me a slightly bad person.

now when bre says she hates rachel, then has to correct herself, makes me think. the only person i've said i actually hate that i've been friends with before is andrea jobe. and i hate it because todd isnt worth is but everyone in gods creation knows what she did was wrong, really wrong. and honestly, ill post it to the whole damn world because i don't care about todd because he does nothing but start trouble. i sit and think about everyone who was there for me when i was retarded, and wanted to die. andrea and amber were there for me day or night when eric passed away, along with mag, but she didn't have time to talk on the phone til 2 in the morning, lol shes always been a busy girl, but honestly andrea was there the most, i told that girl everything you could imagine. and yeah, i sometimes do wish we were still friends, but then i think okay, if i wasnt careful, she probably wouldve taken eric from me if he was still here, just because thats how she is and you can't have friends like that. so in july i had sex with todd to get back at her. OMG the whole world knows now, but she doesnt. like i don't care right now im letting everything out .. EVERYTHINg. okay well it was the worst thing i've ever done, and he has no reason to be cocky like he is. noone likes todd so im allowed to do this, i'd never do this to anyone but hes does enough shit to me, its okay. but andrea, if something honestly ever happened to her, because these days everybody you think is invisible, and nothing will ever happen to them, it happens. but if she was layin on her death bed, i'd be right there by her side. and i hate to know that we hate each other but i don't need a friend like that. my heart is crooked, and isnt going to be happy until im completely tourn all to hell, and im half way there. i know i need to let it all go, but i tend to hang on to things.
and im sorry for ever saying i hated andrea, i just dislike her i guess.

and my last & final paragraph is, well me & mag were in the car coming from her house the other night, around 11 on tuesday, and she continued to play the new kenny chesney song "who you'd be today" & i had 100 things going thru my head. i run around with mag the most. if you havent noticed im terrified of car wrecks, and i just hope to god nothing ever splits us up. i don't ever wanna leave her nor her to leave me. in three months look at all the friends Duke hadda leave behind.. and poor little brian aint got a roomate nomore because of what happened to Jk. its sad. and it sucks. & i don't knowww im just tiredddd. & saddd. everything seems to jus be getting worse around here. i don't know though maybe im just dumb. oh well.

sorry its soo freaking long, but i hadda type it all out to something. and noone is online, amber is coming here, mag is going to Jk's viewing, and kara isnt up for listening to anyone if she can't talk for 45 minutes, yepp. soo yeah, bye ♥

Sunny days seem to hurt the most
Wear the pain like a heavy coat
I feel you everywhere I go
See your smile, I see your face
I hear you laughing in the rain
Still can't believe your gone

It ain't fair you died to young
Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away
God knows how I miss you
All the hell that I've been through
Just knowing, no one could take your place
Sometimes I wonder, who you'd be today

Would you see the world
Would you chase your dreams
Settle down with a family
I wonder what would you name your babies
Someday's the sky's so blue
I feel like I can talk to you
And I know it might sound crazy


Sunny days seem to hurt the most
I wear the pain like a heavy coat
The only thing that gives me hope
Is I know, I'll see you again someday

Someday, someday
♥ Rip Eric & Duke.

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[07 Sep 2005|05:23pm]
There's a pale moon in the sky
The kind you make your wishes on
Like the light in your eyes
The one I built my dreams upon
It's not there any longer
Something happened somewhere
And we both know why
But me, I'm getting stronger
We must stop pretending 
I can't live this life

I don't care who's wrong or right
I don't really wanna fight no more 
(Too much talking babe)
Let's sleep on it tonight 
I don't really wanna fight no more 
(This is time for letting go)

I hear a whisper in the air
It simply doesn't bother me 
Can't you see that I don't care
Or are you you looking right through me 
Seems to me that lately
You look at me the wrong way and I start to cry
Could it be that maybe
This crazy situation is the reason why

I don't care who's wrong or right
I don't really wanna fight no more 
(Too much talking babe)
Let's sleep on it tonight 
I don't really wanna fight no more 
(Tired of all these games)

But baby don't you know
That I don't wanna hurt no more 
(It's time, I'm walking babe)
Don't care now who's to blame
I don't really wanna fight no more 
(This is time for letting go) 

Hanging on to the past
It only stands in our way
We had to grow for our love to last
But we just grew apart

No, I don't wanna hurt no more
But baby don't you know 
No I don't wanna hurt no more 
(Too much talking babe)
Don't care now who's to blame 
I don't really wanna fight no more 
(Tired of all these games)
I don't care who's wrong or right
I don't really wanna fight no more 
(It's time, I'm walking babe) 
So let's sleep on it tonight
I don't really wanna fight no more 
(This is time for letting go)
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i i i i i i i i i i i i ... [07 Sep 2005|04:53pm]
[ mood | sadd ]

blah, it's beautiful outside and i love it.

i wanna hear Dukie sing.
i have math homework. yuck.
i love tyler fuller.
i had the best chicken sandwich today.
i havent really talked to kara lately, shes got a new man. :o)
and i'm happy for her.
i can't wait til the marshall game on sat.
i 'm goin thru this phase where i always wanna listen to tina turner, lol.
i cried for the first time in a *LONG* time monday night.
i got my hair played with tho before i went to sleep :o)
i 'm goin to go because i'm done, lol bye <3

rip Dukie n ERic

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[06 Sep 2005|04:30pm]
[ mood | park time :o) ]

Name: Stephanie Spry
Birthdate: March 28, 1988
Birthplace: Huntington, West Virginia
Current Location: Kenova, WV
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde but gettin darkerr :o)
Height: 5'8
Piercings: ears
Tatoos: nott yett but ima get one !!
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nott at the momento ;)
Overused Phraze: ohh boyy or ohh bloody
Candy: starburst !
Number: 7
Color: pinkkkkkk
Animal: one'a them tiny tiny puppies, or a fish, lol
Drink: white grape juice :o)
Alcohol Drink: oranggee smirnoff :o)
Bagel: iuno
Letter: S
Body Part on Opposite sex: eyes n TEETH :)
This or That
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDonalds
Strawberry or Watermelon: Strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea: Ice Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug: Boootth
Dog or Cat: Dog
Rap or Punk: country .. haha noo rap ..
Summer or Winter: Summmerr
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Funny Movies
Love or Money: Looovee
Bedtime: when im sleepy ..
Most Missed Memory: Dukie singin the rubber ducks n pick up trucks n slowww movin trains song while he was in the shower .. lol and my papaw and little eric but their all in a better place so its all okay :')
Best phyiscal feature: my smile or eyes .. i get it alot ..
First Thought Waking Up: i wanan go back to sleep .. lol
Goal for this year: to have freakin funnn *!! its my senior year :)
Best Friends: Maggan Brooke n Brianna Darlene n Kara Marie :o)
Weakness: not sayin wut i feel .. and when i do i feel like i shouldnt have .. and not taking up for myself .. i tend to let that happen alot.
Fears: masks, i hate masks, drowning, and reachin for stars that arent in reach ..
Heritage: iduno
Longest relationship: just 6 months but there was a little break and i dated bob for 3 months then i went back to todd .. haha gooooo me *!
Ever Drank: yepp
Ever Smoked: yeah but its nasty n it'll color ur teeth so thats why i hate it , haha becuas ei like my smile the way it is :o)
Pot: yea
Ever been Drunk: yepp, just friday actually ..
Ever been beaten up: nope
Ever beaten someone up: nope
Ever Shoplifted: yesss
Ever Skinny Dipped: yess
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: yess
Been Dumped Lately: noppe
Favorite Eye Color: Brown or Blue
Favorite Hair Color: Brown or blonde, ahha im not narrowing this down much am i ..
Short or Long: SHoort
Height: taller than me, about 6 ft.
Style: doesnt matter
Looks or Personality: personality + looks
Hot or Cute cutee
Drugs and Alcohol: alcohol, but don't make it a habit
Muscular or Really Skinny: muscularr
Number of Regrets in the Past: a few
What country do you want to Visit: i duno .. i'd perferr to stayy herrre*
How do you want to Die: however god wants to take me
Been to the Mall Lately: yepp
Do you like Thunderstorms: they don't bother me, but i don't really like rain.lol
Get along with your Parents: off coarse :)
Health Freak: noppee, thats why ima fattty !
Do you think your Attractive: nooo
Believe in Yourself: yes
Want to go to College: yes
Do you Smoke: no
Do you Drink: sometimes
Shower Daily: yess
Been in Love: yes
Do you Sing: haha all the f'ing time :o)
Want to get Married: yep!
Do you want Children: definitely
Have your future kids names planned out: i have some ideas.
Age you wanna lose your Virginity: i think its too late
Hate anyone: i can't hate anyone ..

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[26 Aug 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

school startedd .. yayy my lastt yeaarr :o)
& i know its forever away but im jus super excited for senior trip :o)
because my bub is goin w/ me and im realll excited *!! n possibly the other bub but i duno, hes invited tho n i can't wait *!! but then im kinda sad cause bd is goin away to college she thinks :( so senior trip will mean alot w/ her there .. cause no matter what happens this kid is always there for you and i love her guts n i pray to god she doesnt leave. n tyler might be goin to atl :-/ n ad's goin to miami ohio for hockey n i just guess im not ready for everyone to go away .. yakno ? but it is a long time from now so i should jus enjoy every moment of high school left. but i'll getta drink w/ my bubby cause usually i can't cause i gotta drive for the douche bag and even tho he begs me to now i can't,but i sure will when were gone :o) but anyways .. thats long time from now ..

AND i have my aunt patti for math .. its gonna be soooooo hard :-/ but its okay cause i'll learn w/ her .. :o) and i have mr porter for phys. n mrs dixon for parenting n mrs hazlett for english which i love that class soo much !! n ughhh mrs thompson for bus computer which is gonna be fun n mrs perdue for speech * ughh i duno it'll be a good year tho ..

tonight is FRIDAY *!! yayy* i kno wut im doin ;o) hahah magggggieee ! but im not goin to meet the wolves, just because i uno. but im gonna go call my lil ol brother cause he aint home .. soo yeahh bye <3

i miss you like crazy Dukie !!! i sure can't wait to hear little rubber ducks and pick up trucks and sllloooooowwww movin trains song ! i can't wait to see your beautiful smile again* be careful up there n take care of lil ol Eric .. i'll see you brother again * one sweet day .. * ride on boys ..
i l o v e y o u *

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[09 Aug 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | upset i guess ]

blah, last night wasnt exactally was fun night, lol * i felt sooo shittty but i guess i shouldnt even start talkin cause im not even gonna be allowed to talk about it. but i jus ran around w/ mag n kara for a lil while .. then i begged em to bring me hoome, then i talked on the phone from about 130 til 330 then i went to bed. and SOMEONE told me not to wake up until around 1130 because they wanted to come wake me up again but .. that didn't exactally happen :/

then i called mag around 1 and woke her ass up because i heard "angel" on the radio when i was layin out n i got sick to my stomach .. which lately i havent been eatin 190 times a day like i use too because someone does summin to me n makes me smile all the damn time n i jus am too damn happy to eat i guess .. but its all about to fade away i reckon. but i called mag and iwas like mag we HAVE to go to Dukie n Eric today .. cause if i go see Duke, my papaw is right beside him so i getta see both of them .. so she came down n i made summin for her cds n mine on the computer w/ me mag jimmie n dukes picture on it then we went n seen him n i seen my papaw :') and then we came to mags for a lil bit then we went to the mall so mag could get summin to wear to kenny tomorrow n on the way back we stopped n talked to Eric :')
and the wind sure did blow both times ..

and now im sitting here at mags waiting to go home to take a shower *!!
then i reckon we're gonna chillllllll ..
butt i love you soo muchh Duke and Eric .. and i'd trade you both places for anything .. i cannot wait to see either of you again. i love you more than you know <33
R.i.P Dukie-7.9.84-7.16.o5

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[03 Aug 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | super excited ]

soo since the past couple weeks have been so shitty .. im superr .. really .. way way way WAY way way way w a y excited, haha

and miss sar fouch you best be calling me tomorrow around noon .. i have summin MAJOR we gotta talk about ;) and you kno wutt *!! haha i lovee youuuu sisttterrr !!

well im goin bike ridin w/ maggie because it makes her happy .. byee <33

rip eric n dukie .. i love n miss you all soo much *! and i sure as hell can't wait to f'in see either one of you *! ride on boys ..

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ohhh gooodnessss ... </3 [22 Jul 2005|11:53pm]
[ mood | Thankful for my Bubby <3 ]

okay .. well i havent written in here in forever but i'm sure people here stuff and theres 45 different stories but theres never gonna be a freakin week like this in my life again cause 4 wheelers are sooo outta the question. but just to let everyone know my brother was allowed to ride without a helmet just because he was in a freaking line w/ police, firetrucks, and 50 thousand other people .. not if he was just riding his little four wheeler for the hell of it then i'd be a little ticked over the whole no- helmet thing but im not mad one bit. he did everything for lil ol Dukie. that was his best friend for 10 years, that was his blood brother, n hes been feelin shitty about the whole thing thats happened n all he tells me is the only thing that split them up was Jimmie playin sports n Duke joinin' the fire department. n w/ Jimmie havin this new what he so calls a " fast four wheeler " it was gonna bring em back together, but like everyone else they just thought there'd always be time. Mag's always old enough to ride without a helmet so they werent doin anything wrong, Jimmie has his license so he was allowed to have a passenger. but he left the cemetery and didn't even get 15 seconds away n went over the hill w/ Maggie Mag on the back .. i was in Amber's car n i seen everybody gettin outta their cars n what not but i didn't know what was goin on because i couldn't get up the hill because there so was much traffic so finally Charley Bailey's truck got to movingggg and we got on the rode n Matt Tomlin said Mag was on the back n i took off bookin it n i went to jump over the hill n Fran ( mag's mom ) grabbed me and said he's fine. butt he only thing i could think of was someone tellin me about a picture they found of David Lowe, Duke, n Micheal Webb n Jimmie n he was the only one left :(
and so lala .. i duno he is okay tho. at first it was real scary to look @ him but i seen him from the beginning and i wasnt gonna leave his side for anything. Maggie's okay but everybody still needs to pray for her n her family because shes goin through hell right now n wreckin didn't exactly make things better but i think it did bring her n Jimmie even closer which is good because she needs him .. and Jimmie .. hes jus beat up a lil bit .. but im his lil nurse n sar n the 50 thousand other people and he said he wouldnt trade his lil homemade nurses for anything :) hes my perfect little angel <3
he's come to the conclusion of why he wrecked. he was hott, tired, upset, hungry, n everything else n he WAS NOT speeding he didn't even make it outta second gear for cryin out loud but all he remembers is leavin then the next thing he knew he was on a stretcher .. so he pretty much just blacked out. and well he thinks Duke was just tryin to tell everybody he was okay n here was something else for them to worry about.. n he was tellin Maggie n Jimmie jus to put it in park for a while .. n it does make perfectly good sense. and Dukie is truly, literally an angel from up above. and i feel bad for not leavin for the beach tomorrow w/ Kara for a wholle week cause i probably should but theres nooo way i would have fun knowin Jimmie's @ home even tho i know hes okay just the look on his face. soo sorry kara .. but hoepfully you understand .. cause i gotta be here for Mag cause she may need me alot in just a week .. you never know.

but thats it ..

thankkss to everybody to saved my brother .. because without all them boys n women who were there .. i duno where we'd be right now ..

RIP ECP DSP i love and miss you boys more than anything and i sure as hell can't wait to see you. watch over us ..

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a thug's what i want, a thug's what i neeedddd ... yeah my singin rocks =) [15 May 2005|04:21pm]
[ mood | happy:) ]

well im just about a senior, and it's kinda sad cause i don't really wanna be one because then that means the real worlds after high school and i have to get old,lol n plus .. i'll miss the seniors now so i really rather them not graduate. lol butno matter what they are so what im saying means nothing.

i didn't really do a whole bunch this weekend, lol uhmm well thursday i went to the ball game n we lost, in the 11th inning, 5-4 to huntington then i came home n got in a H U G E fight w/ my brother and didn't go to bed until realllllyy* late. so friday i was real upset @ school and could'nt wait to get home to talk to jimmie and give him a note i wrote him telling him how sorry i was, and i was super tired. so friday after school i came home and went to my sisters n played w/ zac because he wanted to play. then it was about to rain so i wasnt even thinkin about the game, i came home and fell asleep then pat came home and woke me up and kenny him n bryan were bein really loud downstairs so i woke up. lol*
then yesterday i woke up n watched zac w/ my momma until around 12 then i got ready n stuff n went n took my stuff to b's then we went to jerica's until around 830 n since the game got canceled we went to ad's for a lil bit then we went to her house around 11 n jeremey n joshc were there then ken came over w/ mike then trav zach n brandan came over n then shawn and yeah ..

this morning i woke up came home n went to stef's graduation party thing. it was fun i guess, saw alotta people who are my family who i had no idea who they were, lol so it was fun i guess.

well i got a fish. and my mom is gonna crap herself when she comes home and sees a little blue fishie swimmin in a little kute bowl in my room. :) haha he doesnt have a name yet tho. :/ but im sure soon enough i'll post a picture of the little kute thing. but thats all :) laterr naga*


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</3 .. i try to keep it together but im fallin' apart* [08 May 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i've had the most tiring weekend of my life.


heres some pictures becuase im done typing, love you.


yeahh .. pictures.Collapse )

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</3 .. i try to keep it together but im fallin' apart* [08 May 2005|08:55pm]

i've had the most tiring weekend of my life.


heres some pictures becuase im done typing, love you.


yeahh .. pictures.Collapse )

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[03 May 2005|09:51pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

a PICCCtureee : )Collapse )

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[01 May 2005|12:16pm]
prom was fun =)

i'll put pictures on here later tho. i don't really feel like puttin the pics offa the camera onto the photobucket thangy.

so bye <3
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[26 Apr 2005|03:52pm]
[ mood | cleanin mood* ]

well todays tuesday.
the weeks goin by fast =)
that means proms soon.
pretty happy about that, except for the fact that it's gonna rain =(
hopefully it doesnt because i really wish it wouldn't and i'm sure other people wish it wouldn't also. lol* i wish it'd be warm n stuff like it has been.

i got commented alot yesterday on my tan =) haha im losin it tho, i aint tannin today and i swore i would all week but i forgot to make an app. today so i aint goin. oh well life goes on ..

well i guess ima go clean n be a good child to my mommmaa since she does so much for me =) haha laterr nigg*


ohh amb n bren- im listenin to our song that i told ya'll i'd sing to ya in band follis, haha back in the days that was .. but anyways. <33

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